Welcome messages

’’Dear professors, experts, participants of the project,

Information and the ability to use them create knowledge, one of the key elements of personal value.

We can obtain information individually. However, knowledge is best built-in teams, discussions, research, and solving real problems. Thanks to such activities as the INTERNATIONAL JOINT RESEARCH EXPERIENCE PROJECT titled Develop Great People and Organizations for Future, we can learn a lot, learn about new ways and methods of work, meet various ways of solving the problem. I want to thank the organizers for an interesting initiative.

I wish all participants a lot of joy in discovering interesting knowledge and fun.’’

Project Manager from Poland: Assoc. Prof. Habil. AGATA PIERSCIENIAK Ph.D.
Faculty of Management and Economics
Gdańsk University of Technology

“Dear Esteemed organizer,

Dear professors, experts, and students,


No doubt, Covid-19 made us think and create new ways to make changes in Human Resource. These changes are essential, and I believe that some papers prepared by the participating students will describe how the pandemic impacted today’s organizations.

I wish success to all participant students, and I express my gratitude to FEAA UVT for how they managed the organizing of the project.”

Project Manager for Turkey: Assist Prof. NICOLETA ISAC Ph.D.
Faculty of Business and Management Sciences
Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University

’’International projects provide a way for students to develop essential research, professional and trans/inter-disciplinary skills, and pave the way for international collaboration.

Within the framework of DEVELOP GREAT PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS FOR FUTURE-INTERNATIONAL JOINT RESEARCH EXPERIENCE PROJECT, FEAA UVT TIMISOARA ROMANIA – IZU ISTANBUL TURKEY – GUT POLAND, students are benefiting from a personalized learning experience, overcome language barriers and get an international experience, as well as good knowledge on a particular subject, by engaging in discussion with other students from a different country, cultural group, training background.

At the same time, through these unique and interactive collaborative sessions deployed online, students are also experiencing other teaching and research environments, without the expense of physically travelling, thus acquiring important skills that are essential for their professional development.’’

Vice Dean: Assoc. Prof. GRAȚIELA GEORGIANA NOJA Ph.D. Habil.
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
West University of Timisoara

“Nowadays, more than ever, projects such as the one that is unveiling to us during these days of May 2021 are to be welcomed with open arms, by students and professors, by researchers and professionals, and to be considered a powerful tool in our hands, as knowledge is power and globalization is actually bringing together worldwide ideas and concepts in a virtual world that has become so familiar to us after a year of struggle. 

Collaboration and friendship among nations, companies, universities and academia, among people, represents the basis of this project in which we are all involved. Thanks to digitalization and globalization, we are witnessing new dawn in the world of ideas and communication, looking with brighter eyes into what the future has to offer us.  

We wish you all to enjoy every moment of it and not to forget that it’s up to us to Develop Great People and Organizations for Future! “

International Expert Consultant:  Assoc. Prof. IULIA PARA Ph.D.
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
West University of Timisoara

”Research is about the joy and power of exploring ideas in any area and discipline!

We are excited about the opportunity of holding an IHRM innovative virtual conference in partnership with our colleagues from Turkey and Poland.

The project’s mission is to become a space where scholars, researchers, experts, students, young and senior researchers can come together to connect, learn, share experiences and contribute ideas for a better research experience community.

Reaching new frontiers requires a fresh vision and novel strategies.

The virtual HRM project: Develop Great People and Organizations for Future!  offers the participants the perspective of developing the ability to critically analyze, assess and deal with the managerial and organizational implications of IHRM issues, the perspective of the new world of work within a framework that uses research experiences and scientific language.

We wish all the participants an excellent research experience for valorizing the potential of achieving stimulating and meaningful outcomes in present and future.”

Project Manager for Romania: Assoc. Prof. DENISA ABRUDAN Ph.D.
West University of Timisoara
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

“In general, any project which encourages students to think, to express themselves and to interact with other students and professors is more than welcome.

In my opinion, the project Develop Great People and Organizations for Future (DGPOF) achieves even more than that. First of all, I believe it can contribute to research and it allows the students an inside look into this process. Furthermore, just as in France, the primary purpose of the students pre-presentations is to receive constructive feedback in order to improve their work.

It is remarkable that there is already an international aspect involved from the very first edition. With all my encouragement for this project and in the hopes of its success in the years to come, I wish the best to all people involved in DGPOF!”

Honorary DGPOF Research Ambassador: Prof. ALEXANDRU MINEA Ph.D.
University of Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand
School of Economics & CERDI